I have been a practicing artist since gaining a BA in Art for Community in 1998. The desire to create work for public spaces and to work with a broad range of collaborators has continued to fuel my practice. I have volunteered to lead workshops with a variety of communities including the homeless and those in hospice care. These collaborations have challenged me and allowed me to explore authenticity, ambiguity and transformation whilst studying for an MA (Fine Art). 

I work in a studio in Kent, UK and have paintings and sculptures in private collections in Europe, America and Australia. I also have collaborative work currently touring the world.

I am in a relationship of sorts - finding, learning, compromising. I observe that the work is neither an extension of 'I' or of ego, but a creation, emerging. In mindfulness (trying to be present, aware, acknowledging, forgiving) I refuse to have a presupposed idea of what it should be. I allow it to have a voice. Through collaboration with others I have became fascinated by the unfamiliar in my work. I have always leant towards poly-materialism and the dynamism of mixed media. To continue this journey of discovery, I approach each new piece using materials and methods I cannot always fully control. I combine glazed and raw clay, stretch clays with distorted, punctured and pierced 'skin' across objects they will undoubtedly shrink and break around. I wait impatiently for work to return to me from the kiln; never quite knowing what to expect, other than the likelihood of it having altered fundamentally. Paintings and drawings are often worked on over years, some with collaborators. That is the beauty, for me: experiencing materials-led authenticity and fostering spontaneity.